Constraints and Understanding Abundance

How are any small businesses surviving during the pandemic? (yeah, it’s not over yet) It is not rosy for many but some are thriving. There may be a hard to learn lesson buried under the stress of the pandemic. We are hopeful those lessons may be more accessible now. This isn’t just about wishful thinking but recognizing that constraints are the source of a lot of creativity and innovation.

Can you imagine a way to operate on 30% reduced income? Is there a way you can sell or service your customers without being able to meet with them in person? Are these roadblocks or opportunities?

If you reduced your expenses by 30% now, you could have done that before the pandemic. If you can sell to customers over zoom you can do that after the pandemic. If you are making enough money with half the sales you could have had less stress before the pandemic. It can be hard to break away from the way things ‘should be’, other barriers, and norms when the world is operating as normal. Once a constraint is applied, however, you need to get creative. Maybe we should be thinking that way all the time.

You can look at this as resilience, which tied with goals and scheduling that matches what you want, can really take you far in any situation. But too often we leave this part behind. This is the human part of the equation that is too often said not to have any value. We have to get the next task done, we don’t have time to think about the bigger picture, or prioritize relationships over productivity.

We do recognize there is a point where constraints can strangle you! When you get to that point, you need to remember we are not designed to handle all the weight individually. That is when you need to ask for help. If the opportunities are weighing down on you that much, getting help could let you spring ahead further than you imagined. Schedule a no cost meeting to see how we can help you jump ahead to success.

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A Problem Worth Solving

Woman in a concerned from a coronavirus and stress.We are living in an unprecedented era of change for small businesses. The last 40 years have seen shifts that have made it harder to start and grow a business in many sectors of the economy. Large corporations have monopoly power and political influence that siphons profits and resources away from small business. They use that power and influence to tilt the playing field as they compete with small business for employees, tax breaks, bailouts, credit, and more.

There is less room for a small business to expand. This is a divergence from what capitalism is meant to be and focuses on a mindset of scarcity driving poor choices for workers and damaging communities.

With each bust in the last 40 years the economy has been consolidated by large corporate interests to solely benefit them at the expense of everyone else. In the 1990’s credit was easy to reach but after the .com bust in the early 2000’s that changed. Before 2000 costs for health insurance for a family averaged less than $5600 a year.[1] Now it is on average $21,300 a year.[2] Before 2008 owning a home was achievable for many. Now families 20’s and 30’s have to move back in with their parents. Individuals on their own need 2,3,4+ roommates to manage their rent and expenses. [3] Having a separate business location was manageable before but is becoming a bigger risk now. 

On top of that a global pandemic has made it very difficult to work with large groups of customers at one time. 20%-30%+ of small businesses may have been lost in 2020. [4] Corporate interests will consolidate more. Communities will be left in “deserts” without key services or products. Rural areas will be more underserved. We want to push back against this trend.

Intensive use of technology and business coaching could provide small business owners with hope. We have the skillset to provide the analysis, recommendations, and long term support so small businesses can shift to a virtual business operation. The cost savings and intensive support will give small businesses the edge to come back and thrive after the pandemic.

Virtual meeting via video conference call using laptop computer chatting with colleagues at home officeWe have designed a Virtual Business Model so we can help our clients grow together and with their respective communities. Our Virtual Business Coaching will be a conduit to quickly share ideas, solutions, technology, and costs. Our solutions focus on rapid implementation, constant improvement, and an understanding of the human(s) behind the business. Our goal is to give our clients the tools to be nimble and grow even in challenging economic times.

These are creative small business minded solutions. We excel at thinking out of the box and connecting tools, processes, and people in novel ways to improve not only profit but the impact on the community around the business. Could your business benefit from this?

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[3] More adults now share their living space

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